An Experienced Team of SAFE CAMS FLEET

Our management have a combined experience of 27 years in fleet management and safety solutions, ranging from municipal and school buses, oil tanker fleets and taxi fleets.

We specialise in hardware products like Dash Cams, GPS Trackers and Telemetric Sensors, their professional installation and maintenance thereof. We offer a standard one year warranty on all our products, with the ability to extend this warranty to suit our clients needs.

We have established a truly global footprint with offices in London and India. We have now also expanded into the Middle East with a distribution partner.

We pride ourselves in offering tailor made solutions for our clients. Our unbeatable customer care and quick swap service allows our customers to experience as little downtime as possible.

Why Choose Our Solutions?

Our products at SAFE CAMS FLEET range from Witness Cameras and driver behaviour products to fleet management devices. All of our products offer tangible benefits and because every customer is unique, we create bespoke solutions for your fleet. Our advanced recording capabilities provide evidence for potential liability issues and are useful as educational tools to improve driving practices.


Save MONEY !

The increasing number of road users and incidents have resulted in insurance companies raising their premiums. SAFE CAMS FLEET can protect you and save you money simultaneously. Having a witness camera will help decrease your yearly insurance quotes as you have a personal witness to refute any fraudulent claims.


Vehicle data can lower your maintenance cost by showing you the trend in decreased performance, engine temperatures and diagnostics. How much does a breakdown cost you? Pro active maintenance is a real cost saver.


Save FUEL !

Cut your fuel bill by 10% to 20%. Around 50% of fuel savings can be achieved through better driving habits. Our tools allow you to monitor your driver's habits and to indicate poor behaviours like harsh braking and excessive acceleration, which lead to a uneven driving and poor fuel consumption.

Save TIME !

Finding out who was at fault in a car accident can often waste hours of your time. The video footage produced by your SAFE CAMS witness camera will give you proof needed in case of a dispute. This will speed up your insurance claim process and allow you to get back on the road quickly.

Improve SAFETY !

SAFE CAMS Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) proactively helps the driver to avoid onroad collisions by generating real time alerts for potential hazards and allows him to take timely control of the vehicle. Some examples of ADAS alerts are Lane Departure, Lane Centring and Forward Collision warnings. SAFE CAMS Driver State Monitoring technology helps to keep a check on whether the driver is distracted or drowsy, distraction and drowsiness being two of the major contributors for road fatalities.

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