SC 300

SC 300

SC 300 is a 3 channel, commercial grade hardware component with dual built-in HD cameras covering both front and cabin views . It has been engineered to overcome stubborn challenges in the fleet management space and to excel when operating in even the harshest environments. Storage options range from on-device dual SD card slots to expandable external hard drives based on fleet requirements. SAFE CAMS FLEET solution combines accurate fleet tracking, video acquisition and post-processing, driver behaviour based alerts and vehicle diagnostics to help optimise your fleet operations. Optional Wifi and 4G connectivity enable cloud storage and centralised incident monitoring and tracking.

Model SC 300
CPU Coretex-A8(800MHz) Processor Linux ARM
Camera 1st/ Front Digital HD CMOS Sensor 1280 x 720p(HD)
2nd/ In-Cabin Digital HD CMOS Sensor 1280 x 720p(HD)
3rd/ Rear Analog D1 Composite / DC 5v 720 x 480p(D1), Option
Angle of view Front Lens 92(H), 64(V), 120(D) 6 Element All Glass Lens
In-Cabin Lens 110(H), 74(V), 150(D)
DDRII RAM 256 MB Samsung
NAND Flash Memory 128 MB Samsung / SLC Type
G-Sensor 3D Acceleration sensor Bosh / up to 8G
Speaker / MIC Mono Speaker / Internal MIC
Super capacitor DC 5v / over 5F Ensures safe shutdown
GPS Module Antenna Built in Cradle Extend via G mouse Antenna
Memory storage Micro SDHC(MLC) x 2 slots 128 GB max per slot - 256 GB Total
Video output NTSC / PAL 2.5mm jack to RCA
Port Interface DC IN 3.5Ø DC input jack
GPS 2.5Ø 4 PIN ear phone jack
VIDEO OUT 2.5Ø 4 PIN ear phone jack
CAMERA IN 2.5Ø 4 PIN ear phone jack
Micro USB Type B Host mode / DC 5v
USB Type A
Video Format Private Encryption / H.264 mp4 customisable
Channel Mode 2 Channel 3 Channel
Front 4Mbps / @30fps 4Mbps/ @27fps
In-Cabin 4Mbps / @30fps 2Mbps/Max.@15fps
3rd Camera N/A 512kbps/Max.@15fps
Audio PCM Monaural, 22.05Khz, 16bits
Recording Uninterrupted recording 1 min(60s±1s) / file and able to change segment
Button Event recording 15 sec.±0.25s before; 15 sec.±0.25s after (Total 30 sec. Event file)
SOS/Panic Button Event recording
G-sensor Event recording
Remote Event from Server Server control
Operating Power Voltage DC 8v ~ 32v
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +85℃
Storage Temperature -30℃ to +90℃
Dimension(/mm) 109(w) x 82(H) x 19(D) Excluding camera lens protrusion
121.9(W) x 104.2(H) x 46.1(D) Main body with GPS tamperproof
Weight Main device: 138g GPS Cradle : 42g
Warranty Period 1 year Can be extended to 5 years under maintenance plan
Certification KC, FCC, EC, RoHs


  • Certified by KC/FCC/CE and ROHS
  • Automotive Reliability (ISO16750) certified, SC 300 will not cause any interference or be subjected to interference by other devices. The SC 300 can also withstand an electrical spike of up to 10KV
  • The SC 300 is designed to perform in high temperature environments. The product has passed 96 hour temperature tests between -20℃ and +85℃
  • SC 300 can cutoff its voltage via a timer to protect the discharge of the vehicle's battery.


  • Map Based Vehicle Status and Tracking
  • Driver Behaviour Scoring and Ranking
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Maintenance and servicing alerts
  • Fuel Optimisation
  • Reports and Compliance


  • Dual SD card slots 128 GB max per slot (256 GB total)
  • Expandable External Hard Disk via USB up to 2TB


  • Viewing Video and Snapshot files
  • Capture incident and event information eg Location and time stamp
  • Vehicle Information and Status
  • Live video feeds